The Light of the World


The Revelation

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Apostolic Election

It was then reveled to the Apostle,

Who was on the island of Patmos;

He saw in heaven an Angel,

With the everlasting gospel.

The Angel that the Apostle John saw has arrived,

Announcing the everlasting gospel of the Lord;

To all of the nation, tribes and people,

The man of God with power teaches,

The perfect adoration of the Lord almighty.

Angel of God strong and mighty you came from heaven

With glory for my salvation thru your word of life;

The Angel of the eternal Gospel is Naasón

Traversing thru the earth with mighty voice

He teaches us that in spirit and in truth

He who sits on the throne shall be exalted and praise forever more.

Great Apostle, grand and glorious the beloved of the Lord,

Like a river’s living waters you have come to dwell inside my heart;

The signs of an Apostle our God has shown in you,

The souls are now testifying of your grand and noble work;

That there’s an Angel from heaven and his name in Naasón

The Angel of the eternal gospel it is you,

The keys of heaven Jesus Christ bestowed to you,

And all throughout the universe it shall be known,

That from heaven you’re Ambassador to give salvation to the world!

True and holy apostle, faithful Servant of God,

Your are wielding a fine sword conquering all the world,

Just like a mighty giant you’re advancing triumphant,

Rescuing all the souls that our Lord has promised you;

You are planting and sowing seeds of life in all places,

Reaping bountiful harvest as the lord commanded you

Naasón, Naasón how beauteous is your Election!

Naasón, Naasón you have brought consolation to our soul,

Naasón, Naasón your Election came from God above!

You were chose and Elected for this blessing from the Lord

Before all of the creation you were in the plan of God

Amen, amen

We are singing Hallelujah for our God has chosen you,

He has given you this doctrine for the life of all the souls,

We are singing Hallelujah for the privilege to know you,

And this blessing to received you as the Servant of the Lord;

The Lord prophecy’s accomplished another angel will arrive here,

With the everlasting gospel and this Angel it is you.

Noble and courageous warrior you are Apostle of God!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Oracio de la Paz


Oracio de la Paz & Joas de la Paz


J. Perez & M. Alarcón